Commercial & Retail Development Architect

Custom designed Commercial and Retail builds across the Midwest.

Sorensen Park Plaza

An 80 acre site was chosen for a retail development in an under-served area of the city of Omaha, Nebraska. The site was previously industrial but had exposure to a major street. The design criteria was a blend of large and small retail spaces taking advantage of the street exposure. The final design placed the large users farthest from the street and created a grouping of small shops to form a community atmosphere. Elements and forms were repeated throughout the center to maintain continuity and to define the design language. The landscaping was chosen and placed to visually minimize the hard surfaces and maintain visibility of the buildings.

Dillon Complex

The prominent site in Omaha, Nebraska was chosen by Dillon Brothers for the Harley Davidson, Motor Sports and Indian Motorcycle buildings. The project began with the Harley Davidson building and evolved into the three building complex offering all functions of the business including sales, repair, rider training and storage. The design elements were threaded through all phases of the project to achieve aesthetic continuity.