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We work closely with our clients to create their vision, remembering that architectural values are human values. That is why our design philosophy is based on the idea that “the designer defines and highlights space, but it is the user who accents and receives from it.

Retail & Commercial Architects, Meyer & Associates

Meyer & Associates, Architects designs commercial and retail buildings across the Midwest. Our mission is to provide you with a quality cost-effective design. We strive to deliver a solution with expediency and professionalism.

Senior Housing Architects, Assisted Living Facility Design

Meyer & Associates, Architects designs innovative and current trends to satisfy the ever changing and special needs of residents.

Office Architecture, Eco-Friendly Design
Successful office design requires understanding the importance of developing an office environment that fulfills your needs. This can go beyond space requirements. Other considerations are choices of materials, lighting, circulation and all the elements to contribute to comfort and productivity

Multi-Family Architecture, Creative Space Design

Are you using your space efficiently? We are trained problem solvers who analyze, create and develop uses for space efficiency. By getting to know you, your needs and preferences, we can create project specific solutions.

Specialty Design, Creative Space Design
Although many projects do not fall into a specific category, we embrace all opportunities to use our creative design abilities. Our experience and proven methods will make any type of project successful.

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We are Midwestern commercial and licensed Architects in Omaha, Nebraska. Our services include feasibility studies, site development and analysis, architectural programming, architectural design, master planning, and space planning.

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We focus on you. Each client and project is unique and the architectural process is dynamic. We take the time to get to know you, your needs and preferences. Our practice has been designing since 1993.

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